If you woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me if I started a from scratch what would I choose, and why

#This is my stack


Even my favourites are influenced by practicality. The latest for me are, the type of app I'm trying to build and who will be using it. Here are the things that I always check for:

  • Anything that can run a docker container
  • How close is it to the person using it


These guys just want your project to exist. Then in minutes you can deploy to them anything! If you have some funky setup, just point their config to a Dockerfile and your good to go still. I love the ease of use and how quick you can go from idea to viewable link in the browser with them.

And as for being close to me and my 'users', they have a johanesburg region that I deploy everything to when using them. This means very low latency for app loads etc etc, all that good stuff.


I'm still learning a lot about AWS, and I'm sure I'm not going to get to all their offerings but I've grown pretty comfortable with using EC2 instances along with my orchestration tool or choice


Not so long ago, when I started an application, I would start it in VueJS, with their CLI and now with ViteJS. But since Nuxt v2 till now, I've been spoiled by meta frameworks and all the convenience they afford me.

Even if it's a purely frontend application with no need for any server side rendering. But JavaScript and its ecosystem are no trivia once you get over the noise on twitter, so I can pretty much work with any framework now. I've been stuck on some ReactJS and React Native apps previously and I've pretty much enjoyed the experience very much